Hearing it from the Horse’s Mouth

A packed hall turned out to meet two of the UK’s specialists in horse health and nutrition at Cruwys Morchard Village Hall at an event organised by John Bosley, owner of Yeoman Haylage.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, specialist equine Vet James Bosley B.Vet.Med MRCVS from Dilliway, Bosley and Walker at Holcombe Rogus near Wellington and TopSpec’s Senior Nutritionist Louise Jones, Bsc, Msc, R.Nutr, who had travelled from Essex to be on the panel of speakers, gave over eighty guests a much clearer insight into the management of health and nutrition in horses and ponies and clear guidelines on how to try and avoid the many frequent digestive disorders that can cause unnecessary suffering.

During his talk, James, vet to many of the top names in horse racing and competition yards in the South West, talked about the common and very often feed-related ailments including azoturia, colic, choke and laminitis and said “Horse owners these days are over-exposed to many complicated feeds and feed management systems. I feel it’s important to help them decipher the way to keep their horses and ponies in the best health possible”.

Louise, the Senior Nutritionist spoke in depth about the importance of getting the diet right and commented “Forage should be the foundation for a horse or pony’s diet and when fed alongside a TopSpec feed balancer, will provide a well balanced diet”. Emily Bird, TopSpec’s Business Development Manager gave guests individual feeding advice during the evening.

“So much expert knowledge was shared during the event and many questions were taken from the floor and with James, Louise, Emily and myself whilst chatting during the buffet after the presentations.” said John of Yeoman Haylage.

“I’m extremely grateful to my guest speakers for taking the time to come and talk to so many of my customers and I’m hoping they found it an informative evening.”, he added.

Peter Sendell and staff from Heard and Sendell in Tiverton, along with other staff and guests from Masons Kings in Exebridge, Williton Pet Care & Animal Feeds, Ge-Mare Farm at Holford near Bridgwater, all suppliers of Yeoman Haylage turned out to support the event.

I have been feeding all my top event horses on John’s haylage. The bales are a user-friendly size particularly when we are packing and staying away at three day events. The horses thrive on it, look great and are performing well. The haylage gives them the right energy and nutrition.

Kitty King – Member of the World Class Performance Programme and currently ranked 19th in the British eventing rankings and the 4th highest ranked British woman.