Kitty King has the Olympics in her sights

Kitty King competing on Ceylor LAN at Tattersalls International Horse Trials
Kitty King competing on Ceylor LAN at Tattersalls International Horse Trials

With the Olympics in her sights, one of Great Britain’s top event riders, Kitty King, is undoubtedly impressing the selectors with her recent feature class win at the Tattersalls International Horse Trials in Ireland at the end of May 2015 on the exceptionally talented 8 year old bay gelding Ceylor LAN where she took the coveted ‘Irish Field CCI3*’ title.

Notching up an impressive selection of wins and places on the eventing circuit over the past few weeks including a second in the CCI3* at the Bramham International Horse Trials in June riding Persimmon, Kitty will have been delighted to learn she’d secured her place to represent Great Britain at the European Eventing Championships at Blair in Scotland this September.

Kitty’s hard work and dedication are paying off and John and his team at Yeoman Haylage are delighted that their top quality pure ryegrass haylage that Kitty feeds to her horses, is all part of the mix.

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I have been feeding all my top event horses on John’s haylage. The bales are a user-friendly size particularly when we are packing and staying away at three day events. The horses thrive on it, look great and are performing well. The haylage gives them the right energy and nutrition.

Kitty King – Member of the World Class Performance Programme and currently ranked 19th in the British eventing rankings and the 4th highest ranked British woman.