Postive Outcome At Pontispool

The British Eventing Horse Trials held twice a year in May and September at Pontispool near Taunton has become an important event on the Yeoman Haylage calendar.  It’s an event that John Bosley likes to sponsor and it’s easy to see why as John and his team get to meet and chat to some of the hundreds of riders the event attracts including many of the eventing elite.  Many already know or use Yeoman Haylage but for those that don’t, it’s a great opportunity to showcase their top quality pure ryegrass haylage to an audience that appreciates and understands the importance of equine nutrition to enable peak performance.


Take a look at some of the pictures and see if you can spot a couple of local riders from Devon who are amongst the best in the world. You might just see Tim Cheffings or Olympian Mary King who has represented the UK in several Olympics with medals galore to her name.  You’ll also get a flavour of what it’s like there which is why Yeoman Haylage love to go along and sponsor the event.

I have been feeding all my top event horses on John’s haylage. The bales are a user-friendly size particularly when we are packing and staying away at three day events. The horses thrive on it, look great and are performing well. The haylage gives them the right energy and nutrition.

Kitty King – Member of the World Class Performance Programme and currently ranked 19th in the British eventing rankings and the 4th highest ranked British woman.